Does the removal of tattoo hurt? -The size of the pain and the ways to make less hurt

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Does the removal of tattoo hurt?

Yes, the tattoo removal was hurt. Usually, laser tattoo removal has a very limited degree of discomfort. It is going to affect you less than your hopes. This means that the removal of the tattoo will hurt you with a little discomfort that is bearable. So, don’t be so scared of his suffering. Most significantly, the laser pulse of light can be comparable to the hot talk of bacon fat that essentially reaches your skin.

Besides, removing the black colour tattoo would hurt less than other shades. And it’s easy to delete it. On the other side, other colours such as green, blue and red can only be handled using a selective laser. So, it takes extra time for this colour to be extracted by laser.

But note that the type of skin is different for every person, so before planning for tattoo removal, you need to consult your doctor to get the best advice for you.

In any case, tattoo positioning is one of the most significant issues to measure how painful it is to have a tattoo removed?

There are some receptor cells beneath our skin. Essentially, these cells signal the skin of the body and then transfer it to the brain. Some other parts of the body also have more receptors than other parts like the hand, the legs. Typically, these areas are a more vulnerable part of our bodies. The less fat part of our body is very sensitive, too. So, if you’ve got one tattoo of these, the tattoo removal process definitely hurts you more than any other area. In the same way, if you get a tattoo on an area that is close to your bone, it can also affect you, because the bone is also very sensitive.

Removal of Tattoo Pain Scale

Do many people really want to know how difficult it is to have a tattoo removed? In particular, tattoo removal pain compares with elastic bandage breaking on the skin and is also comparable to splattering some hot oil from the pan.

How long does the pain last after the tattoo has been removed?

Do you still have some ideas about how tattoo removal will hurt? As we know, the tattoo removal has a very limited amount of discomfort. Now the question arises, how long does that pain last? However, the removal of PicoSure tattoo pain can last 14 days. It will vary from person to person, though. During your tattoo healing process, you may experience little pain with some common observable side effects, such as redness and mild swelling in the treated area.

How do you deal with laser removal?

In the process of tattoo removal work essentially by targeting the colour pigment in the dermis of the body skin. It typically targets the layer of skin between the epidermis and the subcutaneous tissues. However, the laser radiates light rays through the ink, resulting in fragments. After that the body absorbs the pigment fragment and gradually eliminates it.

A prescribed anaesthetic cream will be applied before beginning the entire process of tattoo removal. Basically, this cream is applied just 2 hours prior to the body of a patient. Certain people do not like any kind of anaesthetic, however, and others like a local anaesthetic. However, prescription anaesthetics are a good choice to apply. You may experience some pinpoint bleeding in this process, that is natural.


Generally, to break the pigment light pulses of the laser are directed onto the tattoo are. After few weeks scavenger cells of the body start to remove residues of pigment.

Even though the procedure of tattoo removal just takes a few minutes but the fact is that it needs more than one treatment to remove your full tattoo.

After finish the full session of treatment, you should visit your doctor. Because the doctor will recommend you for using some antibacterial ointment and doctor also suggest you for dressing the treatment area of your body.


Does Tattoo Removal Hurt Afterward?

Sometimes, tattoo removal afterward but not much at all. For example, you may have skin redness, a little bleeding, blistering and swelling for some hours or maybe for a day. However, it also has all of the following side effects.

Laser tattoo removal side effect

This method typically has very little side effect that is blowed.

  • Hyperpigments
  • Tattoo abundance in the treatment area
  • Failure to clear the tattoo
  • May have some treatment area inflammation
  • Have a 5% risk of scarring
  • Do not have a public pool and sun

Ways to make Tattoo Removal Hurt Less

Here we list some important ways that will help you to make your tattoo removal hurt less. Take a view

Using Cream Numbing

Just half an hour before your session, try using this cream. This cream normally causes the skin to become stunned.

Machines for Cold Air

This helps you reduce the discomfort. More importantly, only before, during and during your care you will use this unit.

Injections of Lidocaine

The injection works so fast. How many injections you usually need depends on the size of your tattoo. However, you have to visit the doctor to get this injection and it is only provided by a medical professional guide.

Compress Cold

Cold compressions are essentially one of the best laser treatment options. Cold will make your skin less uneasy.


Some important tips for achieving a good result

  • You have to keep your area safe
  • You must apply salts that your doctor recommends
  • Take a bath one day after your procedure
  • Don’t scrub the area of treatment
  • You can feel sunburned on your skin for some days


Our article hopefully helps you a lot to get a better picture of whether tattoo removal hurts? While his pain is comparatively lesser than tattoo pain, pain can not be prevented. In order to reduce your discomfort, you should follow the methods that are listed above to make the tattoo removal painless.

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