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About Us

Drink Tattoo Removal has been a personal service company owned and operated by the family since 2015. Following an unwanted tattoo, the family has been formed in North Brisbane to look for successful tattoo removal with minimum discomfort. We helped more than 2000 delighted customers erase the past regrets with locations serving Brisbane and Gold Coast and get a new start from Clean Slate. Absolute Laser Laser Tattoo Removal is better off with less procedures since we are using the industry's top device, the Candela PicoWay Device. Call us today for a free advisory!

Are you one of the millions of people who have “that one tattoo” you wish you didn’t?

There are many reasons why people want to remove laser tattoos, but one thing anyone who chooses is that they want to do it as easily and painlessly as possible ..

Fortunately, Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal gives you the clean slate fresh startTM, which you want and deserve! We promise you a safe and secure facilities, a professional and skilled team to support you through today 's process and best technology in the industry , making sure that you are relaxed and satisfied with the outcomes of your care! We use only PicoWay, the state-of-the-art tattoo removal technology to ensure you get the results you need in a fair period of time.

Our PicoWay laser is superior to all other lasers in the industry and ensures that your removal process is safe, reliable and quick. At Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal, we are so proud of our performance and look forward to showing you how well the procedure works.

Factors that decide tattoo effectiveness

If you're planning to remove your tattoo with laser treatments, you might have more questions than answers. The first thing many clients want to know is how many treatments their tattoo will take and how much it will cost. Many different variables influence the response to these questions. Only consulting an experienced specialist will provide an accurate response. Tattoo age and location, colours, ink density, the type of ink used on the tattoo, as well as the client's skin tone and sensitivity all factors in the art and tattoo removal research.

Results are Different for everyone

Your laser treatment success can vary depending on your fitness, skin, and tattoo itself. Technological advances such as Picosecond technology make it easier to handle possible complications. As tattoo culture continues to grow worldwide, the tattoo removal industry is continually evolving to find new and better ways to treat various forms of skin and ink. The only way you can know exactly how many procedures you will need to fully clear your ink is to visit one of our qualified specialists.

Does The Color of the Tattoo matter

Do you know how easy it is to erase the colour of your tattoo? Different laser wavelengths are required to remove ink colours. It's all based on light absorption principle. The relationship between wavelengths and unique colours is important for proper tattoo removal. Wavelengths are the secret to safely removing unnecessary ink. Your laser specialist would require several laser wavelengths to complete tattoo clearance. The PicoWay laser is the only tattoo removal laser to have 4 real Picosecond wavelengths and multiple handpieces to optimise your treatment choices. Black , brown and dark blue inks are easier to erase. Red, orange , yellow, and greens — and increasingly common white inks — are some of the hardest to clear. Indeed, certain tattoos made of these colours may not have been removed a few years ago. Now, with state-of-the-art PicoWay Laser, these stubborn inks can be removed without a problem.

What You Should Know about laser tattoo removal

Tattoo age can make a major difference in removal process. Generally, the younger your tattoo, the longer it takes to remove it entirely. Your body recognises tattoo ink as a foreign material, and your cells give agents to this invader to feed slowly. That's why older tattoos look faded at edges, and can appear blurred as they age. With older ink, the body has already done some tattoo removal work in its own natural way , leaving less laser work. Fresh tattoos require further treatments to dissolve entirely. Previously treated tattoos will also need special care from our Laser Specialist due to skin damage and scaring caused by over-treatment with inadequate lasers to remove unnecessary ink.

What’s your concern about removing your unwanted tattoo? We’d love to talk and find the best treatment possible.

PicoWay Laser For Superior Tattoo Removal

Our staff and facilities are amazing, but our PicoWay Laser really separates us from the rest. Tattoo removal lasers were extremely ineffective and painful before recent technical advances. The heat blasts from the laser also triggered scarring and a lot of the ink was still left. Many consumers were disappointed when they traded their unwanted tattoo for an undesirable skin coloration and/or scar.

We only use PicoWay technology here at Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal, which has proved to be much safer and reliable than the older Q-Switched laser methods.


The majority of hospital rooms, spas and medical offices do use old and obsolete Q-Switched technology. This old technology uses heat and thermal energy to try to “melt” the ink. In comparison, Picosecond technology concentrates incredibly short but mighty energy explosions in the tattoo and shatters the ink into small dusty fragments that the body can easily absorb. This approach decreases the laser’s interaction with the skin and helps the body to safely remove the tint, greatly reducing the risk of skin damage. The PicoWay laser energy is 1000 times quicker and more efficient than the old Q-Switched lasers so you can be sure that your tattoo can be removed safely and comfortably in less time!

Our Services

We offer a range over Laser beauty treatments as well as our core service of tattoo removal

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  • Skin Treatments80
  • Mole and Flag Removal85

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Nothing is as attractive as smooth, glowing skin. Unfortunately, nobody's skin will stop time's ravages. Skin loses its natural elasticity, the sun makes the teint blotchy or uneven, and fine lines become more visible. At Drink Tattoo Removal, Brisbane, our team provides resurfacing services to help patients from the North Brisbane area turn back time.

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Acne Scar Removal

Scars are among the most common skin flaws, and acne scars are among the most common scar forms. Although some people don't feel disturbed by their scars, others see these aesthetic defects as an intrusion into their everyday lives. We provide a range of treatments to strengthen acne scars and other surface irregularities.

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