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Hypopigmentation (not scarring) following Laser Tattoo Removal

Many patients are referred to us post laser treatments with complications or concerns about scarring. Our doctors and surgeons are familiar with ink complications and specialise in laser complications. The complication of scarring is everyone’s worst fear with tattoo removal especially if you have received treatments from older lasers with inappropriate settings and with an […]

Race into Dr Ink to claim your $100 Tattoo Removal Gift Voucher

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! Race to Dr Ink to claim your $100 Tattoo Removal Gift Voucher. Remove coloured (including red and yellow) and black & white tattoos in fewer sessions! At Dr Ink Tattoo Removal, we use PicoSure technology for tattoo removal. PicoSure lasers are an unprecedented innovation in laser technology. It is at present […]

How to care for your tattoo removal while on holiday

With the weather warming up and Christmas getting closer, people will soon start going on holiday. Holidays are great fun, but they don’t mean you should stop caring for your skin post or pre tattoo removal. In fact, there are additional measures you should take to make sure your skin’s progress continues as smoothly as […]

The Biggest Lies In The Tattoo Removal Industry

We spoke to Allie Moss out tattoo removal expert about the five most common myths currently circulating in the tattoo removal industry. We set the record straight and break these dirty and smudgy and distinctly colorful Ness.   Q Switch can remove colourful tattoos. Incorrect. Traditionally used lasers for tattoo removal such as q switch […]

Terrible celebrity tattoos and awesome cover ups

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and memorialize important people and times in your life. However, you wont always love them after that chapter of your life has closed and you have moved on. People change and so do our hobbies and interests – and that’s okay. Whether you want one removed or […]

Eyebrow and Facial Tattoo Removal – a Specialized Area that Needs Expert Hands

Eyebrow tattoo removal is a specialized area and our team of facial plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors and registered nurses can safely remove tattooed eyebrows or lighten tattooed eyebrows for revision procedures. Laser around eye regions carries high risk if performed in untrained and unregistered hands.  Most permanent eyebrow tattoos requires skill in removal and a […]