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Anyone wanting to update, lighten or remove a tattoo ought to know these facts

ITS IMPORTANT YOU START WITH THE FACTS Tattoo removal  and lightening procedures continue to improve, with the introduction of both newer technologies and innovative treatment methods. So forget heresay or, stay ahead of the curve and find out the real facts grounded in real evidence before you consider removal or lightening procedures to prepare for your […]

So who is Dr Ink? Who are Dr Ink?

Dr Ink is a medical team. We are passionate about skin and inked skin. We are a group of medical professionals who work in the cosmetic and surgical industry. Our team comprises of a group of plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, registered nurses and aestheticians. The Dr Ink team, additionally are health professionals who also work […]

How Dr Ink can help you modify your tattoos and achieve a change without a full removal

Feel like a change? Modifications are always possible. Fading an unwanted tattoo to facilitate a new cover-up design has become increasingly popular simply because it works. Fading an existing tattoo increases the choice of cover-up options significantly. For example, light colors and fine lines will not effectively cover up an existing dark outline and this severely […]

Could your next tatt be applied by a robot?

Remember when you were younger and you were fascinated that the Jetsons had robots for everything? Even though our cars aren’t quite flying around, robotics are indeed everywhere, in our operating theatres, kitchens, vacuuming, replacing humans in the manufacturing industry. But did you ever think that there would be a robot designed for placing ink […]

5 tips to help lower your tattoo removal cost

GOT A BIG TAT AND NEED TO LOWER THE COST? Here are 5 quick tips to get that tatt off a whole lot cheaper. Use the right technology that needs fewer treatment Tattoo removal takes several treatments. Older laser technology such as Q Switched NG:Yag, may sound cheaper per session, however is it really cheaper […]

Dr Ink is coming to Wollongong

Dr Ink is Australia’s leading tattoo removal clinic. Tattoos are no longer an outdated permanent mistake and we specialise in complete removal or we can lighten tattoos for modifications. Our Clinics uses PicoSure technology which is the fastest, safest and most efficient tattoo removal system in the world. Moreover, we can effectively remove ALL colours […]